So I was in one of my tasmanian devil style housecleaning frenzies, the kind where I just want to throw out anything that has not been useful to me in the last week. While frantically forming “crap piles,” i.e., crap to toss, crap to take to Goodwill and crap to find a place for, I came across a standing jewelry case in my daughter’s room that we’ve had around since whitewashed oak was in fashion.


I was deciding which pile to put it in when my daughter said that she needed a place to put her jewelry. Duh.

sassy and fab jewelry case after

A couple hours and about $5 worth of paint later, we had a seriously sassy focal point for her room and it’s finally full of jewelry. You almost can’t go wrong painting something black with white trim, but it would have been equally fantastic if we had mixed fun colors.

Not everything that sucks can be cured with a paint brush, but it’s worth a try.