Yup, I did this to my kid.

But he turned out okay. I love photo announcements with baby/senior pics…

Whether you have a middle schooler graduating and you’re just having the fam over for a small celebration or you’re hosting a college grad party with a big crowd, there are easy ways to make it a memorable occasion.

I have a high school senior and I’m teaming up with two other moms to host a grad party so my little brain is overflowing with ideas for a kickass party that my son surely will not appreciate.








Here are some of my ideas:

• Photo invitation instead of the classic school announcement, this way the faraway relatives get a senior portrait and all of the pertinent info in one card

• Photo cake with baby picture/senior portrait

• Slide show or collage showing my son starting out cute and morphing into a horrible teenager

• School colors for linens and decor (duh)

• Yellow & white flowers with a navy ribbon around a vase for centerpieces

• Easy food, i.e., taco stand or heavy appetizers so it doesn’t matter what time guests arrive (this is important- guest might be party hopping)

• If you have a large party, hire someone to work the party – refilling drinks, emptying trash cans, picking up used napkins, etc. so you won’t have a huge mess to clean up after the party. I use college kids, they need the money and can stay up late

• Throw back a shot of the good stuff 15 minutes before the party starts so you can relax, you’ve earned a good time