I don’t know about other people, but I find that I need my own “spot” to relax in. I have a chair in a corner in the family room, next to a sunny window. It’s got a comfy ottoman so I can sit and read or even grab a 10 minute power nap in it. And I’m totally pissed when I’m ready to finally relax and someone is in my chair. That’s my “indoor throne.” Naturally, I also have an “outdoor throne.”

My favorite spot.

Life is good when I’m sitting here. I always take the adirondack on the right, I get my favorite view of the hills behind our house and the sun hits it just right so I’m not too hot, not too cold. If I’m sitting here, it’s because it’s a beautiful day and I’ve accomplished enough housework, kid time, work-work, etc. that I’ve earned a nice cold drink and some time to read a book. It’s a great place for an intimate chat or margaritas with the girls. It’s a small area, an old table from a garage sale and a couple of chairs that I got on sale at Cost Plus. I highly recommend finding your own corner and sassing it up a bit so you’ll feel like you’re on a mini-vacation when you finally get a chance to sit down.