Fresh Tulips

So last week I was drowning in winter blahs and looking into liposuction and having my old head replaced with a nice new wrinkle-free head. This week the sun is shining and fruit trees are blossoming and I’m feeling much better about, well, everything. God, how I love spring.

My business partner and carpool buddy picked me up this morning and we had on matching cotton candy pinky-peach tops, long black lightweight cardigans and sassy black wedges. We don’t plan these things but I guess when you work and shop together for 20 years it’s bound to happen. We were just so excited to see spring arrive that we had to solute the occasion with our outfits.

Just ordered these for spring...

Here’s what’s so frickin’ awesome about spring:

Open-toed shoes with pink toenails, floral cardigans, blooming bulbs, outdoor lunches, open windows, convertible top down, rosy sun-kissed cheeks, getting home from work before dark, opening day for baseball, lightweight florals, and a break from the Effin’ rain.