I love everything vintage and when I am shopping for Christmas I often try to find things that are unique. Vintage or retro fits the bill. I always check out Restoration Hardware for fun games and stocking stuffers. Although I mostly play Words with Friends on my phone now, the thought of sitting in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and playing Scrabble with the family can’t be beat. They also carry several other vintage games I especially like the games that are housed in old books, they look great on the coffee table.

Some other great ideas…

PaperSource is also a great place to shop. So many fun things!

During high school I took photography classes and worked on the school yearbook. I loved developing film and making prints and continued taking courses in college. Now a days everything is digital and my camera skills have slacked off. Since it is so easy to take pictures and delete what you don’t like, I don’t think so much about composition anymore. I found these super cute USB drives from PhotoJoJO so now I can reminisce while I backup my so-so photos.

Can we introduce a whole new generation of girls to Love’s Baby Soft? It seems a bit more innocent compared to Britney Spears fragrance.

Definitely check out Etsy, for great handmade and vintage gifts. You can search for an almost endless list of gift ideas.

I try to fill my kids stockings with some fun retro candy as well. If you have a Powell’s shop nearby it is like a trip down memory lane. They always have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing and you can find all of your favorite candies. The retro or vintage vibe is mostly for me. It brings back such sweet memories of being a kid.