Spring is here and I am happy to have things around me that feel like spring to me. I love having fresh flowers in vases, eating cool salads, and wearing flip flops (even without a tan). My house gets happy too with colorful throw pillows and rugs. I used to reserve this transition for December when I love to get ready to display the holiday joy by switching up the accent pillows, throw rugs, and decorations for the month. I thought why not update the d├ęcor of our home throughout the year?

spring, summer, winter & fall...

This doesn’t mean you need repaint your house and buy new furniture every three months too keep up with the changing seasons (unless you have a trust fund, disposable income or a money tree growing in your backyard). Simply, can refresh the look of your home if you change your accent pillows and rugs with the seasons. If you are afraid of commitment or have a limited budget the easiest thing to do is grab a few pillows with the colors you love or whatever feels like the season to you. The fun thing about throw pillows is that they are the quickest way to change the mood of the room. I hear this often that if you paint a bright color in a room you are stuck with specific colors. As the examples show, even if you have painted a bright blue wall in your living room, it can fit in with different color palettes to reflect the season. I think it feels really modern and fresh. The image shows four different ways you can decorate the same room and couch with different pillows and rugs.

All patterns are from our Simon+Kabuki Collections

Spring room: Juicy Blossoms

Summer room: Love Birds

Winter room: Nesting

Fall room: Urban Botanical