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We’ve decided that when our lease is up at the end of the summer, that we will move our office to our homes. Erin and I live within a mile of one another so getting together for meetings and brainstorming will be easy. Most of our corporate clients no longer come to our office. We either go to them or everything is done by email. Our licensing manufacturers are all over the country and world so we get together with them only occasionally at trade shows. It’s a changing world we live in.

One of my problems with moving my office to my house is that I won’t have a dedicated room just for my office. I will need to have a multi-tasking area, like the corner of my bedroom or my living room. It will be a big adjustment but will also save us some money (rent, insurance, phone bills, etc.). I’ve just started thinking about some space ideas and also getting to the difficult task of cleaning out an office that has accumulated 20 years worth of stuff! Here are some ideas that I really like. I’ll keep you posted with before and after pics when I finally get around to making changes at home. And check out my Pinterest board for my ideas.

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