We are working on a new collection at Simon+Kabuki. It’s a fun one! We are illustrating retro images and adding fun pops of color and cute sayings. So far we have illustrated an old typewriter, a phone, a fan, a camera and a bike. We also thought adding in some cool converse high tops or van’s type shoes would be fun. Can you think of anything else we may have missed? I love going old school it reminds me of Leave it to Beaver, and lets me imagine a kinder gentler time period. Well at the very least a cheaper time period, I don’t know about you but paying for cell phones, cable tv and the internet sure adds a lot to the monthly bills. I didn’t live through that period so maybe it wasn’t so great, who knows?!

We also have a new line of dishes coming out that has the retro feel. They should be available in Hobby Lobby early next year. As soon as we get samples we will post them!