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I know all of you creative types know about Etsy, but if you consider yourself “creatively challenged” you may not be aware of the best place to shop in the entire internet Universe. (It might be tied with Zappos, which has more hot shoes than even I can keep up with). Etsy is like Amazon but for super cool, handmade stuff.

I was searching the internet for sarcastic phrases last week because SOMEONE ACTUALLY PAYS ME MONEY to do stuff like that and I happened to come across these amazing handmade earrings that say “In one ear, out the other.”

I fell in love with these sassy earrings, the rest was a big phat bonus.

I fell in love with these sassy earrings, the rest was a big phat bonus.

As luck would have it, I have my credit card number memorized in case of an emergency, and well, duh. So I sent in my order and commented to the ArtistQueenOfAllThingsResin that these were the best earrings ever. So I was already excited when my package arrived (quickly and inexpensively) and then I opened it and first there was this completely fabulous pillow box with a lucky number attached AND A BONUS NECKLACE with my second favorite word on it. Did she read my mind? No, because the necklace probably would have said f*ck instead of duh. But still. Oh, AND there was a coupon for my next purchase.

So if you are looking for a gift for you mom, your sis, your friend or yourself (but not your mother-in-law) go to Etsy. And start with Resin8ingDarkness because if this post entertains you, then so will the jewelry in this awesome store.

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