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Last Friday, I moved my son to San Diego State for his first year in college and in the dorms. Yes, I’m really old and now really sad! San Diego is pretty far from us, 8 hours, so there probably won’t be too many weekend trips in our future. He’s having a great time so far (week one) but we all miss him – especially the cat, who sits in his room all day wondering when the heck he’ll be back!

All in all it was a pretty good trip and move in but I do have some tips that may help for your move in.

1. Pack a cooler with water and snacks. It is a long day and you may not get breaks for food. Also wear shorts and tennis shoes, you get pretty sweaty walking up and down the stairs.
2. Pack Well. Once you unload the car you either have to make several small trips in the elevator or walk the stairs. If you can pack as many things into duffle bags or other easy to carry bags it will go faster. We made the mistake of bringing a suitcase, this was difficult to maneuver up crowded stairs. The line for the elevator was about an hour so we used the stairs. My son was luckily on the 2nd floor, not really a good option if you are on the 11th floor.
3. Don’t forget to pack hangers, drawer locks, hooks, tape for poster hanging and power strips. We forgot these items and had to make a Target run.
4. Essentials – pack deodorant, toothpaste, razors, laundry detergent, aspirin and anything else that you use at home. You can buy these items at the school store but you will pay a premium.
5. Mattress Pad. The mattresses in the dorms are terrible, come to school with a 1.5-3″ foam topper and you will be set.
6. Printer and cartridges coordinate with your roommates ahead of time and bring only one printer. Have everyone else pay for ink cartridges and paper.
7. Momentos Sneak a framed family picture into their belongings. Also write your student a letter and leave it to be delivered their first week.
8. Bathroom caddy you will most likely share a hallway bathroom, make sure to purchase something to carry all your stuff back and forth.
9. Reading light a small reading light for in bed is great so that you don’t disturb your roommates. Along those same lines bring an eye patch for sleeping and ear plugs for snoring.
10. Last but not least discuss ahead of time when you plan on leaving. Will you move them in and then have dinner together and be on your way or will you have breakfast with them in the morning or will you just head off after they are settled in their room. Especially for us moms it’s nice to know when to say goodbye so its not to abrupt and you can enjoy every last second together. If you don’t like your kids you can skip this one all together. 🙂