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Nesting Design Collection
Since we are licensed artists we always have to be aware of the trends and what new trends will be hot. But we always have to be a year or two ahead of the game since most of our artwork will take a year or two to be licensed, manufactured and then sold at stores. It’s a long process and you must be very patient. Birds have been trending for quite a while now. It seems like it should be over and then a new bird becomes popular! We have several birds in our design collections, love birds, owls, peacocks, quails, etc. Erin is ready for the owl trend to be over and she wishes she never has to illustrate another owl! But I think birds are here to stay, for a while anyway. Maybe birds will be to our kids what avocado green counters and refrigerators were to our parents. What were they thinking?! If so I will have to remind my daughter of the giant vinyl owl decoration she has in her room.

Above is our original Nesting Design Collection and below you can see how it was applied in fabric, dishes, greeting cards, etc.

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Here’s my take on the bird trend and what it says about you:
Love Birds – You are really romantic and crafty and your house is probably decorated shabby chic.
Owls – Smart, hip, quirky and fun. Your house is eclectic and your a hipster with black frame glasses.
Peacocks – Sophisticated, modern and rich. You are a socialite and have a modern mostly white house with touches of color.