We are always hard at work on new designs so we thought we would showcase some of them on Wednesdays. We are working on some right now for the Licensing Show in Las Vegas. When we were in New York for Surtex we saw snowmen everywhere and one of our colleagues said you have to have snowmen. We love Christmas and definitely have lots of great holiday patterns they just don’t involve snowmen. We tend to try to be a little bit more original or modern, sometimes that backfires. We actually had someone come into our booth asking for snowmen. Really?? Isn’t it obvious from our more tastefully designed Christmas patterns that we could certainly handle snowmen? Guess not. No hating on the snowman/woman themes we just thought that it was overdone or at least done enough by other people. So we designed our own line of snowmen/women. Not sure where they could be used, (Jersey Shore how about a Christmas Card) but they sure were fun to think up! Some were inspired by our trip to New York while other are definitely California influenced, dude! Hope you like the Sneak Peak.


Sneak Peak