I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, so the last thing on my mind is wrapping gifts. But when I am done with all the gift searching, buying, trading, online clicking, finagling,  parking lot arguing (TMI) one thing that I actually look forward to is wrapping gifts. Yes, really. I think it is mostly because of the fun ideas that can be used, and it is a great excuse to get all designy. Any time I can incorporate coordinating colors or themes into a project, I’m there. Coordinating the tree with the gifts is always a fun idea although that is the point in which my husband starts saying “sure, whatever you think honey”. Okay.

Feeling traditional? Bring to life the old favorite combos of gold and silver and red and white. As you can see below, if you have a coordinating couch that is a plus but please don’t feel the need to add that to your Christmas decorations shopping list.

You can pretty much decorate a tree and wrapping with whatever your mind can come up with:

Who can not smile at a gerber daisy themed tree and wrapping? Merry Spring Christmas everyone! That has a great ring to it. (Or maybe it’s time to send myself to a warm vacation spot).